Why Republican Glenn Youngkin Could Become the Next Governor of Virginia

Jun 8, 2021

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The most politically important election in America takes place this November – the race to become the next governor of Virginia.
This race will not be just about Virginia. It will be the first statewide election since Joe Biden took office, and will also be a referendum: How do voters feel about where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are taking the country.
Glenn Youngkin is the Republican candidate and he joins me in this episode to talk about what he wants to do as Virginia’s governor.
Glenn’s joining the political fray after a career with the Carlisle Group where he rose to become co-chief executive officer of a firm with over $230 billion of assets under management.
As you’ll learn from this conversation, he not only brings a strong economics and leadership background, he also has a sound grasp of the on-the-ground social and pocketbook issues that concern Virginians.
Among them: opening up communities and schools, the culture wars being waged in schools, keeping communities safe, qualified immunity for police officers, property taxes and the like.
He comes across as passionate, thoughtful, a strong leader and strategic thinker who can connect with people from all walks of life.
He could win.
Listen in to decide for yourself.

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