The TBWS Roundtable On “Joe Biden’s Horribles”

May 31, 2021

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My friend Paul Teller keeps a running (and depressing) list of the destructive actions taken by Joe Biden’s Administration. Joe Biden has been in office for just a few months and already the list is a mile long.   Paul, who was a top aide to VP Mike Pence and is now his chief of staff, calls his list “The Horribles” The TBWS Team agrees that the name is apt. In yet another free association roundtable, we kick off with how grateful we are for lunch bucket Joe’s letter  – in an IRS envelope –  reminding us to thank him personally for our pandemic relief checks.  Then we move on to wokeness, equity and Biden’s sowing more racial divisions, cancel culture, Biden’s proposed “Section 8” tax plan, the assault on religious liberty, whether a  Federal government promoting “wokeness” violates the Establishment Clause, the attempted Federal takeover of elections with the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act”, and the HR5 “Equality Act” which would do anything but bring about equality.  “It’s a Five Alarm Fire,” says Brian McNicol.  Who is really driving the Biden agenda?  Greg Corombos puts it, “Joe Biden is getting shoved to the front of the parade and has no idea where it’s going.”  But whoever’s in command, “what they’re doing is really damaging,” says Brian. “They really think that they can control the weather, our ability to get and distribute energy, that they can just control it. They can just say, It won’t be that anymore. It’ll now be this.  And it will magically happen.”   “They are operating on some very dangerous assumptions and we need to watch. It’s a very dangerous time in the world.”   True, yet I think you’ll find this show an interesting take on the madness.

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