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Oct 3, 2022

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Election process isn’t a sexy topic, but if we want to preserve our democratic system, and keep our Republic, election integrity is essential.

Election Integrity means ensuring the legal right of all Americans to vote in a free and fair election:

  • without concerns that their political voice would be diminished by individual or institutional fraud,
  • physical or verbal intimidation,
  • vote trafficking (“harvesting”)
  • buying of votes,
  • ballot manipulation at election offices,
  • voting by non-citizens,
  • or any political activism that alters, coerces, or negates a citizen’s right to vote.

In 2020, using the pretext of COVID,  Democrat lawmakers and partisan judges, systematically changed state election laws.  No matter what words you use to characterize it, the election process was massively tilted to favor the Democrat candidates, including Joe Biden.

However we feel about 2020, that was then, and this is now. We have an election coming up November 6 and we need to be sure it is a lawful one.

Joining me on this episode of The Bill Walton Show to talk about what’s at stake and what to do about it, is a great American, Cleta Mitchell, who has spent a lifetime fighting for free and fair elections, calling out the left’s tactics and encouraging Americans to take an active role in their local elections. Cleta runs the Election Integrity Network and hosts the podcast “Who’s Counting.”

Her goal is to make ‘easy to vote and hard to cheat’ a reality in every voting jurisdiction in America.

“Voting has already started in multiple states, including Virginia which has 45 days of early voting,”explains Cleta. “Absentee ballots have been sent out all over the country. So we no longer have Election Day. We have election two months. We have election season with massive extensions of early voting and voting by mail, no excuse absentee voting, so that our election process has essentially been wrenched away from its moorings.”

In our brief conversation, Cleta provides a sobering – yet also energizing – overview of what Republicans are up against in this election. 

The 2020 playbook has been revealed and there’s a lot we as individuals can do to neutralize it.

Start by listening to Cleta’s insights here, and then go to her website whoscounting.us to download her “Citizens Guide” for some powerful lines of action.

There’s a lot we can do to matter, and Cleta Mitchell shows the way.

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