The Bill Walton Show: A Tribute to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

Aug 22, 2022

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My frequent guest and friend, Dr Peter Vincent Pry died last week. Peter’s clarion calls concerning America’s strategic vulnerabilities such as EMP (electromagnetic pulse), our neglect of our nuclear war arsenal and many other strategic threats to our nation will be sorely missed. The Bill Walton Show team knew him as a great person and a great American.
Here also is a tribute to Peter written by James Woolsey, Former Director, Central Intelligence.

“Peter Pry, my longtime friend, was matched in his humanity by his extraordinary technical competence. Peter was a senior official at the CIA and those of us there who knew him well, knew that we had in hand a national treasure able to deal with the most dangerous threats to our country.

Many of those who calculate how to secure the nation parse their interests into a limited number of individual dangers. Peter did not- he understood well that there are risks created by a whole series of vulnerabilities such as electro magnetic pulse (EMP) and that we must deal now and for the foreseeable future with a substantial number of them.

I will miss him. Our country will miss him.

Robert James Woolsey
Former Director Central Intelligence”

Peter recorded several shows with me on The Bill Walton Show, but Episode 138 was one that stands out as one of the best.

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