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Oct 18, 2021

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First year economics classes usually begin the semester with the principles of supply and demand.

You learn that incentives matter and that to suggest otherwise is to betray basic principles of economics – and human nature.

You learn that you can ignore or violate these fundamental laws, but that you cannot change them.

You learn that throughout history the societies that have succeeded recognize and respect these economic laws – they use them to their advantage.

Well, someone needs to get this message to progressive Democrats – and soon –  because they have become completely unmoored from economic realities.

And their agenda will end in economic disaster. In fact, it’s already happening.

Joining me on this episode to talk about economics and his work with Donald Trump, is my old friend, Kevin Hassett, who served in the Trump administration as Senior Advisor to the President and as his Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. His latest book The Drift, analyzes America’s slide into socialism and how to arrest the decline.

Kevin shares many fascinating insights into Donald Trump’s effective economic policies and his personality.

“The public persona of Donald Trump is much, much different from what he was like when we were actually in the Oval Office or in the West Wing, working on real policy problems,” Kevin shares.

“Behind closed doors, he is an incredibly nice guy, who’s very thoughtful and likes to see all the sides of the arguments.”

In Kevin’s book, The Drift he goes far back into Socialism’s roots.

“Joseph Schumpeter, the famous economist, back in the 1920s, looked ahead to America’s future,” Kevin explains.

“He said, the socialists are going to win. What’s going to happen is capitalism’s going to work for a while. And as we get really rich, we’re going to send our kids to college. And the colleges are going to be basically places that indoctrinate folks to be socialists.”

“And the best universities are going to be the best socialists.”

It’s hard to do to justice to Kevin’s many brilliant insights in an email summary. So I do hope you’ll join in listening to our wide ranging conversation about Trump, socialism, the internet, Marshal McLuhan, social media, and the need to stand together to get the truth out.

“We control respectability, we control the truth. We need to have the confidence to stand up and defend capitalism because it’s true and it works.”

He also shares whether he thinks Donald Trump will run for President again.

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