“Restoring Our Election Integrity” with Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski

Oct 4, 2021

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Election Integrity:  Why we don’t have it, how we lost it and what to do about it.   In the election of 2020 we saw a dramatic loosening of the chain of custody of ballots. We saw an indiscriminate use of mass mail-in ballots. We saw a verification process junked and pushed aside. And as a consequence, we saw major irregularities in that election.  The result: a waning confidence among voters in the integrity of our election system.  The issue is critical. If we don’t get our elections right, we lose our American Republic. We lose our liberty.   Joining me on this episode are two of our leading players in the fight to restore election integrity – and co-authors of a seminal piece in the Yale Law Review “The Other Voting Right”. Ken Blackwell, in his role with The Center for Election Integrity of the America First Policy Institute. And Ken Klukowski, who was senior counselor in the US Department of Justice and the Trump White House.   Right now, the Democrats in Congress are trying to push through a power grab to federalize election law and make perpetual the abuses we saw in 2020. The John Lewis Voting Rights Act (HR4) would essentially eliminate state’s rights and the decentralization of power that the framers established by granting states the authority to set the time, manner, and place of elections. This Bill must not become law.   Also, in this episode we explore what the gold standard should be to insure election integrity.  In 2020, ballot harvesting was a big source of abuse and we talk about how Republicans in Virginia – where ballot harvesting is legal – could turn the tables on Democrats in this November’s election. Listen in and learn from two of our top experts about how to restore the integrity of our elections.

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