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Oct 12, 2021

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It is hard to overstate the assault  on civil liberties we are witnessing  in America today. 

What began over a year and a half ago as temporary government measures to keep us safe from a virus spread from China, have now metastasized into something much more sinister, spreading to all aspects of societies around the world. 

We need to name this thing, understand what’s happening to us,  and how to stop this threat to our freedoms. 

For some answers, in this episode I talk with Jefferey Tucker, founder of the Brownstone Institute and author of Liberty or Lockdown. Jeffery, a man with a serious message and mission, is a delightful and engaging raconteur who turns policy discussion into a fascinating journey into truth. 

This is not an episode to skip. Some highlights from Jeffrey:

“We’ve dealt with pandemics in the past. In the modern age and the 20th century, we did very well intelligently. And suddenly 2020 comes along and we decided to forget everything and pursued this insane experiment in human separation, and mass management of the unmanageable. And the result has been demoralizing, and depressing, and shocking in terms of all things public health. It’s contrary to all of our traditions of law, our belief in equality, and human rights, and freedom.”

The Role of the New York Times

“On February 28, 2020, The New York Times published an op-ed by Donald J. McNeil. The title of the article was, ‘To deal with the coronavirus, go medieval on it.’ He said we need to reject all 20th century principles of public health where we just dealt with the pathogen, in terms of doctor patient relationships, and instead lock everybody down, shut the highways, ground the planes, freeze everybody to suffer in their disease ridden cities as if this is the Middle Ages.” 

The Madness of Masks

“It’s just awful to see these children in masks, and mandates, and people screaming at each other, get that mask over your nose, and so on and so on. It’s just all nutty. The things that we’ve done to control this virus that we can’t see, this invisible enemy, it feels mystical, and magical, and superstitious.” 

The Vaccine Mandates

“This is serious stuff. This isn’t just get the jab and shut up. People’s lives have been ruined. Academia’s being purged. The military’s being purged. The public sector’s being purged. We’re turning our government into a single party state that seems to bear a lot of the marks of what we’ve come to see in China.” 

Why We Have to Push Back

“And I know this, if we do nothing, we will certainly fail, and we’ll lose everything. So I’m happy to do something, whatever it is, to make a difference. And maybe we can save this. It’s worth saving. Civilization is worth saving. Freedom is worth saving. Human rights means something, they built the modern world. We cannot just sit by and do nothing when we see it all unraveling before us.”

This episode is about one of the biggest issues of our day. Please listen in.

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