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Dec 20, 2021

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Albert Einstein said science can only flourish in an atmosphere of free speech.

Today, despite claims about “following the science” with regard to Covid 19, this is simply not happening. Why? Because “they” have taken away one of the essential elements of science: allowing people to disagree based on facts learned through experiments and observation, reconciling practical knowledge and ends with scientific laws.

This is how science works. This is how freedom works. This is how good things happen in a free society because people are free to get information and disagree. Nobody is in possession of the ultimate truth.

By contrast, look at every totalitarian regime, what do they do? They squash free speech. And when that happens, people suffer.

Who are “they?”

I think we all know by now and it seems that they have the totalitarian playbook well in hand. Facebook, Twitter, all the tech giants and the mainstream media have all decreed that if you say something that is at odds with the CDC, the World Health Organization, they’re going to censor you.

An open debate about the Covid-19 virus and its variants – their origins, spread, lethality, vaccine effectiveness, governments’ mandates to control their spread and on and on – is simply not happening.

So to learn about what is true and what could be happening if we actually did follow the science, I’m joined in this episode by Jim Agresti, founder of an extraordinary shop, Just Facts. Just Facts a nonprofit institute dedicated to publishing comprehensive, straightforward, and rigorously documented facts about public policy issues.

Some what we talk about:

  • The effectiveness of vaccines versus natural immunity
  • How different are Covid 19 variants from the original virus.
  • Claims Joe Biden has made about the virus and its vaccines. You’d be better off listening to Dr. Jill.
  • How the virus really spreads. Hint: it’s not what the CDC originally claimed.
  • The effectiveness of surgical masks (as documented by peer reviewed journals).
  • Breathing CO2 all day is not good for you.
  • Why nursing homes – and you – could benefit from a good UV disinfection system.
  • The social and health costs of lockdowns versus their benefits.
  • The CDC and the WHO have been patently wrong about many important things.
  • “We’ve seen that time and time again, whether it’s a death rate, how this thing spreads, the list goes on and on and on … misstatements by the World Health Organization,” reveals Jim.
Jim Agresti’s hard work at Just Facts has revealed a lot of essential truths – and a lot about real science – concerning the virus and its aftermath. Listen in and learn.

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