John Tamny and I Don’t Agree About Everything, and That’s OK

May 9, 2022

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Author John Tamny joins me on this episode for a freewheeling back and forth about some of today’s big concerns. John, a free market fundamentalist and original thinker, almost always has a contrarian take on things. 

John’s books include Who Needs the Fed, When Politicians Panicked, Popular Economics and The End of Work

Some of the questions we get into: 

Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter

Why credit’s never there when you need it

What it means when Jeff Bezos says your margin is my opportunity

Has social media censorship been overstated

Have social media companies created a market opportunity for Musk

Should we have more engagement with China, not less

Is the Fed is just an outsourced function of Congress 

Why you’re hard pressed to find examples where governments have created much wealth

Are the agendas of big multinational companies and government converging

What it might mean if Elon Musk sells more Tesla stock to buy Twitter

Did Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story matter

Has Wall Street, just like Silicon Valley, taken a hard left turn.

And  John’s upcoming book Bringing Adam Smith Back into the American Home

Join in for a fun and of course, contrarian conversation with John who’s favorite phrase is “I am skeptical.”

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