Freedom, CPAC, America and Winning the Next Election with Matt Schlapp

Jul 18, 2022

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This episode is set in our mountainside house in Rappahannock County, Virginia with a wide ranging conversation with my friend, the always engaging and provocative Matt Schlapp, leader and Chairman of CPAC.

We cover a lot of ground with some of the highlights being:

  • Why we believe we’re in the human flourishing business.
  • Why the “diversity, equity and inclusion” mantra is a false God.
  • How CPAC is finding that America’s founding principles and freedoms are resonating all over the world with its international events in Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, and this week, Israel.
  • What we think is the most important word in CPAC’s name.
  • Where people who share our values should be investing their time and money.
  • Why a “little bit of voter fraud and corruption” is unacceptable when it comes to our elections.
  • What Ron DeSantis can expect if he becomes the Republican standard bearer.

This is a fun conversation, especially as we joust and jest with my director Kenny, as the sun moves around the set.

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