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Since seizing power in 2020, Democrats have failed to produce any meaningful results for America, their sole purpose has been to orchestrate a fictional television drama set to debut on Thursday night. However, politicians overproducing a congressional committee hearing won’t change a painful reality: Americans are suffering because of rising prices in grocery stores and at the pump, an unsecure border, unaffordable health care, and unsafe neighborhoods. America can be made great again, and we will start by ending this illegitimate circus.


  • February 2021: During an unconstitutional impeachment (which House Republicans are seeking to expunge), President Trump was ACQUITTED of the charge of “incitement of insurrection.”
  • August 2021: “FBI finds no evidence that Trump and his allies were directly involved with organizing the violence of the Capitol riot” (Reuters)
  • House Resolution 503, the resolution creating the Select Committee, requires that the Committee be comprised of thirteen members. H.R. 503, § 2(a) (“The Speaker shall appoint 13 Members to the Select Committee.”). The Committee has, and has always had, only nine members. See https://january6th.house.gov/about/membership. Further, Section 2(a) requires that five of the thirteen members “be appointed after consultation with the minority leader.” H.R. 503, § 2(a). There are only two Republican members on the Select Committee, neither of which were recommended by the minority leader. Thus, the committee is not duly formed pursuant to its own authorizing charter.

Why the Unselect Committee is an illegitimate sham to harass political opponents:

  • The Unselect Committee’s list of abuses of power is endless. They leak private text messages of their political foes, seize their bank records, and threaten cell phone companies to turn over private data on political opponents. In other words, THEY are the real threat to Democracy.
  • The Unselect Committee’s goal is not to uncover truth, it is to embarrass, harass, and imprison its political opponents.
  • Peter Navarro was recently shackled and thrown in solitary confinement for a misdemeanor that used to mean “almost nothing” during the Obama years, a chilling abuse of power in a free society, and more evidence why this committee should be shut down immediately.
  • The Unselect Committee in not an investigative committee at all, but merely a vehicle to punish dissent, to seize more power by branding half the country as “domestic terrorists,” and to try to prevent President Trump from running again. All of which are hallmarks of third world regimes, along with the sky-high inflation, record oil prices, crime, and supply chain breakdowns that come with a corrupt ruling class.

What questions the Unselect Committee should be asking:

  • Why did Nancy Pelosi refuse President Trump’s strong offer of an additional 10,000+ National Guard troops to protect the Capitol?
  • Did federal law enforcement officers infiltrate the crowd—and, if so, what did they do?
  • Why do we know so little about who placed the pipe bomb near the RNC’s headquarters on January 6th?
  • Besides editing text messages between Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, what else has the Unselect Committee altered?

What the Unselect Committee should be investigating:

  • The 2020 coordinated assault on America’s free and fair elections (see “2,000 Mules”)
  • ANTIFA and BLM’s role in the 2020 Riots, costing almost $2 billion in damages and 18 lives, with many more injured
  • The Laptop from Hell, Hunter Biden’s “Art,” and the Biden Family’s Deals with Other Countries (especially those with the Mayor of Moscow’s wife and the CCP)
  • The Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan (killing 13 U.S. Service Members, injuring many more, leaving Americans behind, and handing over $85 billion in equipment)
  • Democrat Collusion on the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax
  • The Origins of the China Virus
  • And so much more!

What the Corrupt and Complicit Media should be covering:


The January 6th Hearings are nothing more than a continuation of the Greatest Witch-Hunt in history—and an attempt to distract from the Democrats’ unprecedented failures. But November 8, 2022, is coming. The American people will shut down the Witch-Hunts, Save our Country, and Restore LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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The January 6th Committee is nothing more than a fictional television drama set to debut on Thursday night. Contact the members of this illegitimate circus and tell them to focus on the economy, inflation, supply chain shortages, and other issues impacting Americans every day.

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