Joe Biden: Radical & Wrong for 47 Years

Bidens America Catuion
Radical & Wrong for 47 Years

Full Summary of Biden's America

Since Joe Biden is the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party and would have an outsized influence on what policies do prevail, it is worth...

Site Page Header Rioters
Law and Order in Biden's America

Rewarding rioters

Ever wonder why the same faces seem to pop up night after night in violent riot footage? One reason may be that Joe Biden’s campaign staff bails them...

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Patriotism in Biden's America

Protection for flag desecrators

Once upon a time, much like President Trump today, Joe Biden was outspoken about protecting Old Glory from desecration, calling the flag a “symbol...

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The Right to Life in Biden's America

Playing Hyde n’ Seek with Innocent Lives

Consistency isn’t Joe’s strong suit, particularly when it comes to his stance on abortion. Biden’s transition from staunch pro-life Catholic to...

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Agriculture in Biden's America

Wisconsin dairy farmers put out to pasture

Two days after President Trump’s visit to riot-ravaged Kenosha, Wisconsin, Joe Biden emerged from his basement to follow suit. His first trip to the...

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Biden Betrays Blue-Collar Workers

In Biden’s America, Miners, Energy Workers get Left Behind

At a rally last year in the coal mining town of Derry, New Hampshire, Joe Biden put a cruel spin on Marie Antoinette’s famously callous suggestion to...

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Energy in Biden's America

RIP, Energy Independence

On the opening day of 2020’s Republican National Convention in Charlotte, President Trump championed the remarkable achievement of American energy...

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The Right to Life in Biden's America

From protector to persecutor

In Biden’s America, the unborn don’t stand a chance. Joe Biden’s shifting positions on abortion over the years reflect a longstanding, slavish...

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The China Threat in Biden's America

Economic Capitulation and Election Interference vs. America First

“China’s going to eat our lunch? Come on, man,” Biden says incredulously. “I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. They’re not competition...