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A CPAC Young Activist has creative marketing skills to recruit individuals to join the team at one of the largest conservative conferences in the nation. Activists are the frontline warriors on social media who promote our conservative values. Individuals will post and share CPAC-branded content on social media platforms to promote CPAC, CPAC events, and especially our upcoming national event, CPAC Texas 2022.

– Promote CPAC activities like CPAC Texas 2022, CPAC Now shows, and other events
– Must be active on social media and posting regularly
– Must be public on social media. No private social media accounts.
– Post stories, photos, videos weekly
– Tag @CPAC Activist in your social media bio
– Attend weekly meetings and maintain strong communication

Benefits of Becoming a CPAC Activist:
While this is a volunteer position, we do offer the following to our activists.
– CPAC Merchandise (ex. hat, t-shirt, mug, etc.)
– Non-Transferable Student Ticket (1) to CPAC Texas 2022



Disclaimer: Completion of this online application does not constitute acceptance into the CPAC Young Activists Program. The CPAC Young Activists Program is an at-will volunteer agreement and may be terminated by any officer of the American Conservative Union / American Conservative Union Foundation for any reason, at any time.

Nothing herein shall be taken to establish any partnership, joint venture, agency, or employment relationship. The volunteer is, and at all times will be, a volunteer only. The volunteer understands that this role is without wages, a salary, or other benefits other than those described above. This is an exclusively voluntary role so that the Volunteer may provide assistance to the American Conservative Union. This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time.