Pelosi Healthcare Plan Highlights Left's Push Towards Socialized Medicine

Congress is back in session and Speaker Pelosi is already pushing a full government takeover of our healthcare system.

Her new healthcare plan is a socialist’s dream: government control of your healthcare, price controls, and new taxes. She’s taken a page out of Europe’s handbook and wants to try to set prices for life-saving drugs here in the United States. This government intrusion will immediately chill research and development, as private companies must adjust to a new, skewed market. This means fewer new medicines down the road. If companies refuse to participate in her “negotiations” they’ll be slapped with a 75 percent business-ending tax.

Worse, these types of price controls will undoubtedly have a direct impact on seniors’ access to any new, cutting-edge treatments in the future. The program includes little detail on how the government would handle new drugs which cost billions to develop and bring to market. Should Speaker Pelosi cap prices or force government negotiation for these cutting-edge treatments, it is the patients who would lose out as companies cannot afford to offer these cures with no return on their investment.

Leaders in Congress and patients across the country should loudly reject socialized medicine and instead turn to market-based solutions to bring transparency into the market and provide real cost-savings for seniors at the pharmacy counter now. Policymakers should ensure that any healthcare policy: one, protects access to new medicines; two, keeps medical decisions between patients and their doctors rather than the government; and, three, protects and incentivizes innovation.

Speaker Pelosi’s plan fails this litmus test.

Solutions such as passing on rebates in Medicare directly to seniors would bring immediate relief to patients while realigning incentives throughout the healthcare system to increase competition and help drive down prices. Speaker Pelosi’s plan is broad-fisted government intervention and a down payment on Medicare for All. We should reject it before it’s too late.