SCOTUS Confirmation Sheds Light on Left’s Feminism Hypocrisy

Written by Jacklyn Washington

Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s historic nomination and confirmation shines a light on a new wave of feminism--one that embraces women of every political ideology.

As the Associate Justice takes her seat on the bench, Leftists are losing their chokehold on defining what it means to be an American feminist. To our benefit, Leftists’ inherently divisive, counterfeit version of feminism is now being exposed for what they truly believe.

Women are rejecting the Left’s false message that conservatism and feminism are mutually exclusive. For too long, young conservative women have watched influencers place liberal-leaning women on pedestals while conservative women are berated, belittled, and brushed aside.

Feminism involves advocating for women’s rights based on equality of the sexes. For the Left, this advocacy is extended only to women who also embrace the Left’s broader political agenda.

“Support all women” they demand via literal and figurative megaphones. This support for which they advocate, of course, extends exclusively to their anti-Trump, pro-choice, pro-socialist fellow Leftists.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination is a game-changer and epic win for all women--not just Leftists. But if your only exposure to her nomination and confirmation process was via network news or social media, you would believe the exact opposite. You would believe her appointment threatens to unravel the fabric of American society.

Justice Barrett is a wife, a mother of seven, and an accomplished jurist. Her impressive resume is full of accomplishments that attorneys, professors, and judges twice her age can only dream of.

She plays all these roles simultaneously. Yes, all.

Those who oppose feminism say women cannot have it all. For them, the idea that a woman can successfully manage both a career and a family is just a silly utopian dream.

Amy Coney Barrett proves that American women can, indeed, have it all, and those who tell women and girls otherwise should sit down.

So why aren’t Leftist feminists celebrating Justice Barrett’s accomplishments?

The answer is both simple and sinister. They refuse to celebrate Justice Barrett’s nomination and confirmation because she committed the sin of being a conservative woman.

Leftists’ hypocritical response reminds us who the real feminists are. Real feminists work to advance all women, born and unborn, religious and not religious, conservative and liberal.

America could use more real feminists. And thanks to President Trump, one will soon take her seat on the highest court in the land.

Jacklyn Washington is the Marketing Coordinator at the American Conservative Union, where she fights on behalf of equal rights for women every day.