Housing in Biden's America

How a Suburban Swan Song was Supposed to Remake the American Dream

Recently, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) moved to protect suburban America by ending an Obama-era rule allowing the feds to dictate zoning laws.

Importantly, this rule change keeps in place fair-housing laws that help prevent discrimination. Conservatives and other freedom-loving Americans support equal rights for all citizens, including the right to choose where we establish our homes.

In a nutshell, the Obama-era rule would have discontinued a defining element of the American Dream for many citizens: the ability to own a home in a quiet community where children have plenty of room to play and, should one choose, a degree of privacy that can’t be found in most urban areas.

In place of that, Democrats sought to install an oxymoronic version of an urbanized suburbia, where high-density, low-income housing would dominate the landscape.

In a near-certain restoration of this rule, Joe Biden would take the feds' control of suburban zoning laws a step further. Obama’s rule tied grants to implementation. Biden would likely copy NJ Senator Cory Booker’s plan to withhold crucial transportation funds from communities that refuse to comply.

In Biden's America, tax-paying suburbanites will likely be faced with a president who tells them: "My way or no highway."