Education in Biden's America

Expelling School Choice

As schools waffle on reopening, American parents scramble to pull together solid contingency plans should public schools fail them once again. Add to that burden the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency, and the situation quickly progresses from bad to worse.

Forget the laughable "choice" of in-person or virtual learning. In Joe Biden's America, there is no room for school choice at all.

Biden's voting record repeatedly demonstrates a longstanding opposition to charter schools. In 1994, for example, he voted against an amendment which would have earmarked $30 million for a demonstration program designed to help low-income families flee failing schools.

More recently, Biden told National Education Association (NEA) president Lilly Eskelsen Garcia, "No privately-funded charter school... would receive a penny of federal money. None."

Joe Biden and his cronies in the teachers' unions will stop at nothing to obliterate charter schools. The fact that the children who most need them will suffer the most from their absence doesn't enter into the equation. Their zealous pursuit of complete government control over education knows no bounds.

In Joe Biden's America, "school choice" would be reserved solely for the wealthy.