Education in Biden's America

Inequality for all

On Tuesday, Joe Biden unveiled the Advancing Racial Equity pillar of his Build Back Better plan. Predictably, the education portion of the document focused on socialist-friendly plans for “free” college and student loan debt forgiveness.

More important, of course, is what Biden did not include. In his Advancing Racial Equity plan, Biden intentionally sidestepped the phase of education for which racial disparity is most impactful and most controversial—K-12.

Inequity in K-12 education is rampant and profoundly damaging. As we pointed out in an earlier installment of Biden's America, then Senator Biden opposed efforts to begin even a small pilot program designed to provide a path for low-income families to flee failing schools in pursuit of better primary and secondary education.

In his unity statement with Bernie Sanders, Biden vowed to fight for teachers unions—and against students—by strangling charter schools with regulations. Unfortunately, that particular campaign promise is one he would surely keep.

For a primer on the phenomenal success of charter schools, particularly with respect to low-income, minority children, pick up “Charter Schools and Their Enemies” by Thomas Sowell. Sowell is a well-respected, prize-winning, 90-year-old African-American economist, social theorist, and syndicated columnist.

In Biden's America, educational inequality will become further entrenched, to the applause of teachers unions and the detriment of students and families. The Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 decision in Espinoza v. Montana is a good step in advancing school choice, but it may be the last if Biden is elected.