Hong Kong Student Protestor Detained In Effort to Prevent His Participation In CPAC Japan

ACU has led the fight against communism and authoritarianism since our founding in 1964. We are now in the thick of the most recent battle. Our third annual CPAC Japan kicks-off today and one of our keynote speakers is supposed to be Andy Chan, one of the leaders of the Hong Kong protest movement.

The Chinese communist party instead ordered the Hong Kong government to arrest Andy as he was boarding the plane to speak at our conference in Tokyo.

Matt Schlapp Andy Chan

This will not be the last time the Chinese Communist Party hears from ACU. The battle between freedom and authoritarianism will not end with the communists raising a victory flag. Freedom is a gift from God and we will defend it to our last breath. For live updates of this situation be sure to follow us on @ACUconservativeand @CPAC.