ACU Urges CDC to End Hostility Toward Individual Freedom, Focus on Harmful Substances and Illicit Market

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Today, the American Conservative Union (ACU) urged officials with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to pursue a strategy on youth-vaping that focuses on the real heart of the problem: the illicit market for harmful substances that have crept into the harm reduction products market. A mass ban on flavored e-cigarettes is a clear overreach that may marginally reduce one kind of problem while substantially increasing another kind. It also substitutes the decisions of bureaucrats in place of the decisions of adults who should be allowed to make their own choices when it comes to their health.

“Innovation has always been a great driver for our economy, and for a healthier nation. Individual choice and freedom is a matter of human dignity. The CDC is ignoring both of those tenets and substituting their judgment, which is at odds with what we’ve seen from the FDA in recent years, for that of the individual. That is big government run amok, and that is wrong.” said ACU Executive Director Dan Schneider.

This flavor-ban strategy represents not only more government intrusion into the lives of individual adults, it also does lasting harm to adult smokers who are looking for a safer alternative in an effort to move away from using traditional tobacco products. This is a triple negative for individual freedom, consumers, and public safety. The CDC should seriously rethink its strategy.

While the desired goal of wanting to ensure children are not using harmful substances is laudable, putting a mass-ban on products many adults are using to improve their own health relies on a total lack of respect for individual freedom.