March 20, 2018

ACU Supports House-Introduced Version of STRONGER Patents Act

Today, the American Conservative Union (ACU) announced its support for the STRONGER Patents Act of 2018. The measure, sponsored by Representative Steve Stivers (R-OH) and Representative Bill Foster (D-IL), protects American innovators, creators, and inventors by strengthening our constitutionally-protected patent system.  The STRONGER Patents Act would implement commonsense modernization measures that allow our patent system to keep up with rapidly changing technologies that impact the lives of all Americans.

The bill includes a number of components that will positively impact intellectual property rights:

  • Restores the foundation of patents as property rights
  • Minimizes abuse of post-grant proceedings by strengthening qualifiers for legal standing
  • Places priority of patent validity with the courts if legal proceedings have already begun
  • Provides for expedited processes for patent owners seeking amendments to claims
  • Eliminates repetitive proceedings

Congress remains a crucial player in making sure that intellectual property rights are strengthened and preserved so that IP continues to be a critical cornerstone of our economic well-being. The STRONGER Patents Act helps to achieve that goal.

“Intellectual property is the bedrock of American freedom and the engine of our nation’s prosperity.  It is the source of creativity, innovation, and ingenuity which has made America the envy of the free world,” said ACU Executive Director Dan Schneider.  “The STRONGER Patents Act strengthens our patent system and weeds out the bad actors who have tried to defraud both patent holders and legitimate patent users of valuable inventions.”

ACU urges all members of the House to vote YES on the STRONGER Patents Act.