ACU Joins Conservative Coalition Calling for Full Transparency of Scientific Data in Rulemaking Process

The American Conservative Union (ACU) joined a number of coalition partners urging President Trump to issue a bold and much needed executive order that would reign in the power of federal bureaucrats to promulgate endless rules and regulations, despite data and science that would refute the need for burdensome action.

The letter, sent to the White House earlier this week, called on the President to issue an executive order that would require studies used to support pending or new regulations and agency guidance to:

  • Be made public, including all methods and raw data on which the studies are based
  • Be peer-reviewed – and thereby meet the scientific standard for verifiability

The American Conservative Union has long been a supporter of President Trump’s aggressive and successful deregulatory agenda. The record pace with which the administration has acted has resulted in more than one billion dollars in savings.

ACU Executive Director Daniel Schneider noted the importance of the White House taking this bold action, saying “career bureaucrats love to work in secret to keep their pet regulations hidden from the public eye.” He continued by highlighting the long term impact and how “signing an executive order to force federal agencies to be transparent with their studies and data would build on the President’s strong deregulatory legacy.”

You can read the full letter here.