108 Minnesota Lawmakers Earn Awards for Conservative Voting Record

ACU Foundation Releases Ratings of Minnesota Legislature

Alexandria, VA — The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) has just released its ratings for the first session of the 90th meeting of the Minnesota Legislature. These ratings, a portion of the comprehensive and nationwide ratings released by ACUF, are designed to reflect how elected officials view the role of government and illustrate how both chambers of the legislature and individual members prioritize a wide variety of issue areas that directly affect Minnesotans.

ACUF reviewed each piece of legislation voted on in both the Senate and House of Representatives to produce average scores for each chamber as well as individual scores for each sitting member.

Minnesota legislators took pen to paper on various issues during the legislative session, including providing restrictions on abortion, providing $900 million in tax relief, reforming teacher licensure, and cutting waste from several government agencies. In one or both chambers, they voted to:

  • require any facility that performs ten or more abortions a month to obtain a license and be inspected regularly;
  • reduce spending for numerous state agencies, boards and commissions, and repeal taxpayer subsidies for political campaigns;
  • provide $900 million in tax relief for individuals and businesses;
  • overhaul the teacher licensing system by streamlining a path to earn a license for out-of-state teachers, those in alternative programs, and mid-career professionals; and
  • require local governments to give ten days’ notice and hold a public hearing before adopting an ordinance that imposes a residential housing moratorium.

“Minnesota lawmakers cut waste from several mismanaged government agencies, provided $900 million in tax relief for businesses and individuals, and removed barriers to job creation,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp. “We commend their efforts to pursue conservative reforms, despite the governor’s insistence on increasing the role of government in people’s lives.”

ACUF issues awards to recognize members who vote with ACUF’s position at least 80% of the time. This year, those members included:

Award for Conservative Excellence (90% and above):

Sens. Benson, Gazelka, Miller and Rosen; and Reps. Anderson, P., Backer, Bahr, Christensen, Drazkowski, Erickson, Fabian, Green, Gruenhagen, Hertaus, Johnson, B., Konblach, Kresha, Lohmer, Lucero, McDonald, Miller, Newberger, O’Driscoll, Peppin, Pugh, Schomacker, Scott, Smith, Torkelson and Wills

Award for Conservative Achievement (80%-89%):

Sens. Abeler, Anderson, B., Anderson, P., Chamberlain, Dahms, Draheim, Eichorn, Fischbach, Goggin, Hall, Housley, Ingerbrigtsen, Jasinski, Jensen, Johnson, Kiffmeyer, Koran, Lang, Limmer, Mathews, Nelson, Newman, Osmek, Pratt, Relph, Ruud, Senjem, Utke, Weber, and Westrom; and Reps. Albright, Anderson, S., Baker, Barr, Bennett, Bliss, Cornish, Daniels, Daudt, Davids, Dean, Dettmer, Fenton, Franson, Garofalo, Grossell, Gunther, Hamilton, Heintzeman, Hoppe, Howe, Jessup, Jurgens, Kiel, Koznick, Layman, Loon, Loonan, Lueck, Nash, Neu, Nornes, O’Neill, Petersburg, Peterson, Pierson, Poston, Quam, Rarick, Runbeck, Swedzinski, Theis, Uglem, Urdahl, Vogel, West, Whelan and Zerwas

Members who scored 10% or lower qualified for ACUF’s “Coalition of the Radical Left” for their opposition to commonsense conservative solutions. This year, those members included:

Sens. Carlson, Champion, Clausen, Cohen Cwodzinski, Dibble, Dziedzic, Eaton, Hawj, Hayden, Hoffman, Isaacson, Latz, Marty, Newton, Pappas, Schoen, Simonson, Torres Ray, Wiger and Wiklund; and Reps. Allen, Applebaum, Becker-Finn, Bernardy, Bly, Dehn, Hansen, Hausman, Hornstein, Hortman, Johnson, S., Lee, Loeffler, Mariani, Masin, Olson, Omar, Thissen, Wagenius and Ward

Senate Republicans’ average score improved dramatically from last session, increasing 31 points (58% to 89%), and Senate Democrats’ average fell 21 points (29% to 8%). House averages were similar to those of the previous session, with Republicans maintaining a 90% average, and Democrats falling 5 points (17% to 12%).

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For questions or media inquiries regarding ACUF state ratings, email Luke Schneider, Public Affairs Coordinator for the American Conservative Union Foundation, at [email protected]