ACU Condemns Racist and Personal Attacks against FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his Family

The American Conservative Union stands firmly on the side of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and condemns the horrific personal and racist attacks leveled at Pai and his family. Attacks like what we are witnessing against Pai and his children should have no place in American public discourse. This has gone far beyond a simple policy disagreement to something much darker. Those on the Left who still oppose racism and bigotry should call out and denounce the cowards who are hiding behind the safety of their social media profiles to hurl vile and dangerous assaults on Chairman Pai. To those who are turning a blind eye, you should hang your heads in shame. ACU truly hopes there are still people of goodwill on all sides who will stand against racism and bigotry as these recent attacks on Chairman Pai and his family are truly shameful.