ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp's Testimony about the Clean Power Plan


ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp testified before the EPA on its proposed Clean Power Plan.  He spoke about how the proposed plan is another example of executive overreach that would force states to abide by unnecessary EPA rules. The best way to enact sound policy is through our democratic system, rather than executive orders and bureaucratic fiats.

Here are the facts:

  • The proposed Clean Power Plan will cost $41-$73 Billion – up to 10 times more than all of the clean air act rules
  • 43 States will have double-digit electricity-price increases
  • This will cause:
    • Consumers to pay MORE to REDUCE electricity use.
    • Coal generation will decline, leading to massive job losses.
    • Natural gas prices will increase.
What’s the point?
  • Despite what the EPA wants you to believe, the Clean Power Plan will NOT affect Climate Change
    • CO2 concentrations, global temperature, and sea level rise will experience virtually no change, despite the high costs associated with this plan

Nera's Analysis of the Clean Power Plan