January 11, 2018

ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp statement on today's meetings on Criminal Justice Reform

President Trump and his administration have already accomplished the most important part in this struggle to have more people reenter civil society and that is by taking bold steps to kickstart our economy, creating jobs and higher wages.  One major reason for high recidivism rates has been an inability to find employment that allows people to provide for their loved ones.  Regulatory and tax relief will help society in more ways than we understand as it will give those who are struggling the pride, respect, and dignity that comes with having a job.

The next step is to acknowledge that government often gets policy wrong and makes some problems worse.  Conservatives understand this well and they are fighting for reforms that will reduce crime, save taxpayer dollars, and help federal and state prisons improve their track record in returning people to our communities.

Recidivism rates are alarmingly high and it is a credit to President Trump and those bipartisan elected officials who have chosen to work with groups like the American Conservative Union (ACU) to reduce the incentives that cause too many to return to crime and stop the cycle of incarceration that strand so many on the outside of our economy and society.