Virginia – Support Parental Rights!

CPAC urges you to comment in support of Governor Youngkin’s 2022 Education Model Policies, which promote privacy, dignity, and respect in Virginia’s public schools

For the past several years, Virginia schools have put aside the interests, rights, and protections of parents and their children.

Under the new policy, schools will be required to work with parents to seek options for their child in determining names, pronouns, and other gender-oriented accommodations when parents deem it appropriate.

The policy will also facilitate the creation of single user restrooms for children who wish to use the restroom of the opposite sex: providing safety, comfort, and dignity to every student.

According to the New York Times, 70% of voters stated that they oppose public schools teaching “sexual orientation and gender identity” to children. The Youngkin administration is now working on behalf of parents to give them back the rights they have with respect to their children.

CPAC stands strongly with Virginia parents, students, and teachers in affirming the 2022 Model Policy.

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