Tell the Senate to OPPOSE President Biden’s vaccine mandates on Americans

President Biden has issued sweeping vaccine mandates, forcing employees at companies with more than 100 people to get vaccinated, as well as dictating to federal employees and contract workers that they get the vaccine. Employers face large fines, and employees face immediate termination for not complying.

A hallmark of our system of representative government has always been respect for individual liberty and personal decision-making. President Biden’s edicts rob individuals of the right to make their own health decisions, and threaten individual liberty.

Senate Republicans have introduced a resolution under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to un-do these burdensome and liberty-killing mandates.

The Senate must hear from all of us. These types of one-size-fits all mandates with coercive punishments are inconsistent with our framework of individual liberty. Please take action today to tell Congress to STOP these mandates.

Contact your U.S. Senators: Tell them to support the Republican resolution and OPPOSE vaccine mandates on Americans. Urge them to oppose and defund these heavy-handed mandates that undermine individual freedom and liberty.

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