Put an End to Woke “ESG”

Tell your state lawmakers to stop crippling state retirement plans by allowing Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards!

ESG is nothing more than an attempt to cut off anyone from the financial system who disagrees with the prevailing social or environmental ideology.

On top of massive inflation and climbing gas prices due to the Left’s radical climate policies, progressives are continuing to use ESG standards as a way to divest state funds from major industries like oil, gasoline and other fossil fuels, actively crippling state economies, and diluting pension funds with bad returns.

In response, several states have already implemented anti-ESG policies like blacklisting ESG funds or directing state fund managers to observe their fiduciary duties and ignore the Left’s ideological imperatives.

Without proper action, the Left will continue to use ESG to punish “unWoke” companies and harm your investments. 

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