Government Price Controls are Harming Patients Across Europe.


Last month, President Trump's Council of Economic Advisers condemned the government-run health care of many European countries, warning how adoption of European drug prices in the U.S. would result in reduced life expectancies for Americans over 55.

Yet days later, the Department of Health & Human Services issued a radical proposal that would adopt the same failing health care policies into the Medicare Part B prescription drug benefit. This “international pricing index” experiment is directly out of the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton government health care takeover playbook.

If this radical proposal is not rejected, Americans for the first time will be forced to accept government price controls for lifesaving drugs based on deeply manipulated prices from Greece, Finland, France, and other socialist nations. Government sets the price in these countries, strangles innovation, and severely restricts access to medicine for patients with serious illnesses.

More than 50 conservative groups have come out in strong opposition to this proposal. Adopting price controls from European countries that restrict access to care is NOT a market-based solution.

Conservatives must protect patients by rejecting this dangerous HHS price control proposal