Statement on President Donald Trump’s Arraignment

“Today’s events highlight the dangers of a so-called “justice” system that allows unaccountable prosecutors to put politics ahead of public safety. This is eye-opening for many conservatives, regardless of whether they support Donald J. Trump. When every aspect of life is governed by bureaucrats and regulations, and prosecutorial power is unchecked, it is all too easy to become a target.

Soros-funded prosecutor Alvin Bragg campaigned in ultra-liberal Manhattan on investigating Trump. Desperate to fulfill his campaign promise, he searched high and low to find anything that could support a charge. Bragg then relied on testimony from a convicted liar to validate it. This is not how a fair justice system should work.

Former Attorney General and Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson said the duty of a prosecutor is not to notch wins in court. Rather, the duty of a prosecutor is to seek justice. Alvin Bragg has failed in his duty.

The Trump indictment is little more than politics dressed up as prosecution, and it should end. At a minimum, Bragg should recuse himself, given his Soros connections. And any further litigation should be moved to a venue where the President can be judged by an unbiased jury of his peers. If Trump can get a fair trial, we are confident he will be vindicated.”

Matt Schlapp
Chairman, CPAC

David Safavian
General Counsel, CPAC


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