Statement from CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp on the Indictment of President Trump

“We are appalled and strongly condemn the abuse of power coming from the New York District Attorney. Americans have lost confidence in institutions and government experts because truth has become a casualty to raw political power. The renewed prosecutorial pursuit and indictmentof President Trump is an outrageous breach of constitutional norms and a continuation of his maniacal political prosecution.  We believe that the authoritarian punishment of political opponents is deeply un-American and is more akin to the proceedings of a Kangaroo court in a corrupt Third World Banana Republic.  For too long now our justice system has been at the disposal of unhinged bureaucrats, overzealous activist judges, and radicalized individuals who have transformed the institutions of our nation into political weapons.  Without the proper countermeasures, the Left will continue to wield our judicial system against its opponents and further de-legitimize our democracy.  President Donald J. Trump is not the first victim of this abuse, and he will certainly not be the last.”


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