Speaker Charles McCall’s Leadership on Education Policy Will Mean New Opportunities for Oklahoma Students; CPAC Applauds Introduction of Education Choice Reform Package

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 16, 2023

Alexandria, VA This morning, Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives Charles McCall introduced legislation to give parents more say in their children’s education. The Conservative Political Action Coalition fully supports the Speaker in this endeavor.

“HB 2775 and HB 1935 would provide Sooner families who choose to send their children to religious and private schools with a $5,000 per child tax credit to help pay for educational expenses. Homeschool families would be eligible for a $2,500 per child tax credit. The legislation would also bolster rural education by committing $500 million to Oklahoma school districts across the state.

Explained Matt Schlapp, CPAC Chairman: “During the pandemic, parents were shocked to see what their children were being taught – and not taught – in government-run schools. The result is a growing chorus of voices calling for choice in education. And conservatives like Charles McCall are leading in that fight.”

Study after study shows that students test scores declined precipitously due to the pandemic and overreliance on distance learning. The drop in reading and math scores is directly related to school closures, which were driven by the unholy trinity of teacher unions, the US Department of Education and the Centers for Disease Control.

In addition to the poor performance of government-run schools, parents are outraged at the left-wing political indoctrination they saw going on when classes were taught remotely.

With woke indoctrination infiltrating classrooms around the country, families desperately need the opportunity to pick the best educational option for their children. We applaud Speaker McCall for working to empower parents by advancing commonsense school choice policy,” said CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp.

Recently, Iowa, Utah, and Arizona have all passed universal school choice in the form of education savings accounts. Oklahoma can join the growing list of states that fund students, not systems, by passing HB 2775 and HB 1935, which allows parents to access the education services and environments that work best for their children.”

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