CPAC Statement Against Omnibus

Alexandria, VA — CPAC released a statement against omnibus spending bill.

“It makes absolutely no sense for big spending Republican members of the Senate GOP to give President Biden and the radical Left an early Christmas present by passing their inflationary 4,155-page $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill. Voters spoke up by electing a House majority to fight against diabolical inflation and the billions in wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars.

“Now certain members of the Senate GOP are betraying their voting base by stuffing their stocking with pork barrel spending. The GOP should instead use this as an opportunity to reform an FBI that continues to suppress free speech, target political enemies, and label parents as domestic terrorists; reform an overpowered IRS which has been empowered to harass conservatives and religious groups; prevent a repeal of Title 42 which DHS estimates would double the illegal border crossing in the midst of a crisis.

“CPAC strongly opposes the omnibus spending bill and will recommend to our sister organization, CPAC Foundation, scoring a vote in favor negatively in CPAC Foundation’s 2022 Ratings of Congress.”


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