CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp supports Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s agenda

Alexandria, VA — CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp released the following statement on Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s agenda for a new Republican majority:

“I applaud Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans for releasing an outline of their agenda when they are given a new majority. Like Sen. Rick Scott has done, House Republicans are making it clear that a new Republican majority has a duty to accomplish what we promise to do.

“After the November elections, Congressional Republicans will immediately have to decide if they fight on the one major issue: funding the government. In the past, Republican leaders have chosen to take a pass on budget brinkmanship. However, due to the catastrophic nature of Biden’s policies on our economy, our border, and our children — the Republican Party and its leaders can no longer delay a budget confrontation. Rubber stamping a bad budget jeopardizes the stability of the country and the future of the party. The GOP will not be able to withstand a grassroots revolt it they take another pass.

“It’s important for incoming Republican leaders to develop a strategy to declare a line in the sand on funding the government in concert with grassroots conservatives. The GOP should only support appropriations that secure our border, expand fossil fuel production, and reform the FBI and IRS. It’s time for the socialists to understand that we don’t wish to transform America, we wish to defend her. That defense starts with a declaration that we will fight.”


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