Biden speech at Independence Hall “insulting” says CPAC Chairman

Alexandria, VA — Tonight CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp issued the following statement in reaction to President Joe Biden’s speech in Pennsylvania where he attacked his fellow Americans and vilified conservatives.

When President Biden was elected, he gave an inaugural address citing his aim to be a unifier, “Bringing America together. Uniting our people. And uniting our nation.” Tonight , Biden attacked conservatives as a threat to the nation. Biden called “MAGA Republicans” a “clear and present danger to our democracy.”

Biden claims to want to unify the nation, but labels tens of millions of people as extremists. There is a frightening pattern under President Biden of using the state to go after political opponents from the “Disinformation Governance Board” to the raid on Mar-A-Lago to tonight’s declaration of war on Republicans.

Why does Biden continue to target conservatives and divide America? Because it is easier than standing on his record of failed policies, government expansion, and a perilous march toward socialism. The very claim of fascism he throws at his opponents is one of projection as his government colludes with big tech and woke companies to usher in his leftist agenda against the will of the American people.

America was founded as a nation based on a founding charter that limited government and protected the rights of the people. It is insulting that President Biden used Independence Hall as the backdrop tonight as he attacks our very Constitutional rights and promotes a reckless federal government which seeks to further take away the power granted to the people.


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