Matt Schlapp in The Washington Times: What binds America and Israel is stronger than Biden

In a new column for The Washington Times, CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp talks about how free people around the world are still fighting for individual liberty and national sovereignty.

Even in the face of terror, globalism and bad leadership, free people around the world are still passionately fighting for individual liberty and national sovereignty. That’s the message I heard loud and clear last week at CPAC Israel in Tel Aviv.

I’ve just returned from our first CPAC Israel where over 2,000 people attended the event in Tel Aviv, just days after President Biden’s disastrous trip to the region. An Israeli journalist who spoke at the gathering said it was the “biggest conservative” event in Israeli history.

You wouldn’t know about the event from the U.S. media, who breathlessly covered CPAC Hungary earlier this year with rancid insinuations that CPAC had embraced “antisemitic authoritarianism.” Vice, Vox, The Guardian and MSNBC were conspicuously absent in Tel Aviv.

We saw first-hand how the Israeli people fervently hope to restore positive relations with the United States, a topic that was top of mind after Mr. Biden had the Israeli flags removed from the presidential motorcade on his second stop in Jerusalem.

To add insult to injury, the president came to the region primarily to try to secure a commitment for more oil from Saudi Arabia, something he failed to accomplish.

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