Mercedes Schlapp in Fox News: Jill Biden’s ‘breakfast tacos’ remark was not a gaffe

In a new column for FoxNews.com, CPAC Foundation Senior Fellow Mercedes Schlapp talks about First lady Jill Biden’s comments at her Texas speech and how they were disrespectful and insulting to Hispanics.

First lady Jill Biden traveled to one of the most populous Hispanic communities in America on Monday to tell Latinos that all we are good for is our breakfast tacos and bodegas.

Mrs. Biden’s inflammatory and offensive rhetoric about Hispanic diversity in San Antonio, Texas was not a gaffe. It is another example of the Biden administration’s insensitive, bullying and politically divisive attacks on minorities in America.

The White House rigorously reviews and scrutinizes all public remarks prepared for the president and first lady. Yet Biden’s protectors in the leftwing media say that the words Jill read from a Teleprompter “didn’t come out correctly.”

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