Jack Kalavritinos op-ed for RealClearHealth: Rx Price Controls Won’t Help Americans

Jack Kalavritinos, Executive Director of the Coalition Against Socialized Medicine (CASM), has a new column in RealClearHealth where he points out that resurrecting old, failed policies won’t help Democrats prospects in the midterms.

Democrats are desperate to show American voters that they are doing something—anything—before November and the expected red wave. But resurrecting old, failed ideas won’t help Americans.

The legislative clock is running out because the general consensus is that Democrats will lose big in the midterm elections, and their efforts to overhaul the role of government as we know it will be shelved. There’s no chance that the torrent of government spending on social programs and green energy subsidies will continue once the House and Senate are no longer controlled by the far left of the Democratic Party.

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