“CPAC Remains Committed to Exposing the Lies from this Illegitimate Committee”

CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp released the following statement regarding the illegitimate 1/6 committee:

The 1/6 committee has nothing to do with “Saving our Democracy” but is an illegitimate attempt to push what is essentially a third impeachment proceeding to cancel President Trump and anyone who is allied with him. The President’s future role in an elected office should be a decision reached by voters across America and not by one past her prime politico from San Francisco and her underlings, including two weak Republican lackeys. This political corruption pushed by socialists will be countered with vigor. CPAC remains committed to exposing the lies from this illegitimate committee.

Mercy and I started fielding calls from concerned conservative victims as soon as Speaker Pelosi’s illegitimate committee began its political workings to destroy young staffers. The CPAC board immediately agreed to establish the First Amendment Fund to defend the Constitutional rights of those being politically persecuted by this illegitimate process.

Amid raging inflation, catastrophically high gas prices, shortages in baby formula and other life essentials, along with dangerous aggression abroad it is of great offense to the American people to waste their taxpayer money on a last-ditch political gambit to distract voters from focusing on the failures of Biden’s socialism.

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