CPAC Denounces the Scourge of Anti-Semitism & Racial Intolerance

We reject the reporting of The Guardian and have been assured by our partners in Hungary that the substance of this attack is false.

Antisemitism and racial intolerance are scourges that must be eradicated. Those who diminish their ugliness by falsely branding others with their label are just as guilty for the perpetuation of this evil as those who hold hate in their hearts.

We, along with our partners, invite hundreds of speakers to our events around the globe, and we do not have a policy of pre-screening remarks at our events. Our objective is always to promote interesting debate on issues that promote freedom, opportunity, and dignity for all people.

We have a strong record of advancing conservatism across the globe, speaking to people of different faith and ethnic backgrounds, and we look forward to continuing to combat the intolerance of Woke politics at our conferences both in the US and abroad, including upcoming events in Israel, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and Mexico.

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