Matt Schlapp on FoxNews: “The Biden gig is up”

CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp penned a new op-ed for FoxNews.com that lays out the difficult road ahead for Joe Biden as his approval ratings continue to sink and his policies continue to stink.

As Joe Biden’s presidential approval numbers continue to slip, it is reasonable to ask at what point is the Biden administration politically unsalvageable.

The clear evidence is that the Biden policies are not working well for most, including for Biden voters. A trend of buyer’s remorse is developing among young, independent, women (you don’t have to be a biologist to read poll numbers either), and minority voters.

Tellingly, Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign pollster, John Anzalone, is lowering expectations ahead of the bloodbath by saying it is “the worst political environment” he’s seen in three decades. Democrats on the Hill have doubled down on the most radically left policy agenda including cheerleading the end of American energy independence, inflation-inducing runaway government spending and a cornucopia of perverse woke cultural oddities.

Even if a voter likes the new lefty policies, the overall numbers are sobering.

Read more on Foxnews.com or see more of Matt’s op-eds here.

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