CPAC Urges Override of Gov. Andy Beshear’s Vetoes

The Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) sent the following letter urging representatives to override of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s vetoes.

Dear State Representative:

This session, so-called “moderate” Gov. Andy Beshear has been decidedly against conservative reforms offered by the legislature. Over the next few days, you can fight back against Gov. Beshear’s vetoes.

We at the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) view this week as a prime opportunity to send a message to the voters that Gov. Beshear’s California-esque policies are not in line with Kentucky values. In that regard, we encourage you to override the following vetoes:

SB 1: Bans Marxist Critical Race Theory in Schools

HB 3: Strong Pro-Life Protections

HB 9: Empowering Parents through School Choice

SB 83: The Save Women’s Sports Act

SB 213: Enhanced Election Security

Accordingly, CPAC strongly supports these bills and urges you to override the vetoes. We have recommended to our colleagues at the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Center for Legislative Accountability (Ratings) that they positively score the above-listed bills in their 2022 ratings.

Thank you for your service in the legislature.

– Conservative Political Action Coalition

Take Action

Tell your representatives to override Gov. Beshear’s vetoes! Sign our petition here.

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