CPAC urges South Carolina’s Senate to pass SB 531/HB 4608

The Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) sent the following letter to South Carolina senators in support of SB 531/HB 4608, legislation which protects the integrity of women’s sports.

Dear State Senator:

Across the country we have seen the radical gender politics of the Woke Left infiltrate all facets of our lives. We at the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) have been pushing for legislation throughout the country which protects the integrity of women’s sports.

Failure to pass such legislation has severe consequences, including taking away roster spots, records, and future scholarships from young women. It also sends a message to our adversaries that enough political pressure by their henchmen can turn the whole country into their woke nightmare.

Fourteen states have already passed laws aimed at combating the woke gender policies damaging women’s sports. Americans everywhere are tired of organizations like the NCAA pushing their left-wing agenda against the will of the people.

As such, we view SB 531/HB 4608 as common-sense legislation meant to protect opportunities for women. Accordingly, CPAC strongly supports SB 531/HB 4608. We have recommended to our colleagues at the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Center for Legislative Accountability (Ratings) that they score legislation protecting women’s sports positively in their 2022 ratings.

Thank you for your service in the legislature.

– Conservative Political Action Coalition

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