Matt Schlapp’s Fox News op-ed: Big Tech won’t stop until we stop them

Today CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp penned an op-ed for FoxNews.com to call out Big Tech platforms like YouTube for censoring conservatives, and to lay out solutions to stop these would be online hall monitors.

While the eyes of the world focus on the suffering of Ukraine and the threat of war between nuclear powers, Big Tech oligarchs have quietly been scrubbing their platforms of content they consider to be “misinformation.” While Russian President Vladimir Putin tramples on the rights of free Ukrainians and cracks down on dissent within Russia, Silicon Valley elites are using the same playbook to stifle the free exchange of thoughts and ideas here in the United States.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Last week, the American Conservative Union, where I serve as chairman and which hosts the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), discovered that YouTube had once again banned President Donald Trump’s 2022 CPAC speech from its platform.

The liberal cowards who run America’s Big Tech companies and serve as online hall monitors on behalf of the globalist establishment have silenced President Trump in the past. He repeatedly exposed the dangers their Marxist ideology poses to the country, and his ability to speak directly to the people threatened their planned socialist takeover of America.

…First, Big Tech leaders tried to silence President Trump. Now, they’re trying to silence CPAC. Next, they’re going to come after you.

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