Media Alert: Ukrainian Refugee Escapes to America, Speaks Exclusively with CPAC

ALEXANDRIA, VA (March 15, 2022) – A CPAC exclusive, a family in crisis: Mercedes Schlapp’s one-on-one interview with a Ukrainian National, and mother of three daughters. She escaped with her life, leaving her partner and two sisters in Ukraine; while her two daughters are in Russia. “They have been brainwashed,” says Svitlana.

Hear Svitlana’s firsthand experience of the horror, pain and agony many of her people are facing in her homeland of Ukraine.

WHAT:     CPAC Exclusive, Escaped Ukrainian Mother Breaks Silence

WHEN:    CPAC Now, America Un-Canceled, Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.

WHERE:  www.conservative.org

WHO:      Ukrainian Refugee, escapes with her life


Download PDF version here



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