CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp calls on woke PBS to defund Sesame Street

“Matt Schlapp, political activist and chair of the American Conservative Union, called out ‘Sesame Street’ for its decision to add an Asian-American character to the show — and declared producer PBS should be defunded.

In a tweet Tuesday, Schlapp blasted the children’s show after it announced the newest cast member would be Ji-Young, the program’s first-ever Asian-American muppet.

‘What race is Ernie is Bert? You are insane PBS and we should stop funding you,’ Schlapp wrote.”

Read the full article at Newsmax.com

“Chairman of The American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp slammed ‘Sesame Street’ for trying to ‘inject race’ into the program as critics push to defund PBS over its push for ‘woke politics.’ Schlapp joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ on Thursday to discuss the push, arguing the program used to be centered around teaching children lessons and tolerance.”

Watch the full interview at FoxNews.com

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