Murdock: ACU Ratings site “makes it a snap” to see which party is most extreme

Fox News Contributor Deroy Murdock recently highlighted the ACU Foundation Center for Legislative Accountability’s “recently modernized Web site” and its ability to filter Members of Congress to see which party actually has the most extreme leaders.

The American Conservative Union’s recently modernized Web site makes it a snap to review senators’ and House members’ votes clear back to 1972. Running from 0 for most liberal to most conservative at 100, the ideological spectrum cleaves into thirds: left (0 to 33), middle (34 to 66) and right (67 to 100). Moderate Democrats should inhabit this center slice.

Good luck finding them there.

“Normal” Democrats who loudly claim to be in the middle are on the left — often deeply so.

The new ratings site makes the in-depth ratings history of both Congress and all 50 state legislatures available to compare across parties, issues, geography, and even decades.

Visit the ratings site here and read the rest of Mr. Murdock’s column in The New York Post here or an extended version with infographics on FoxNews.com.

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