ICYMI: Fox Business highlights latest CPAC actions to stop vax mandates

Fox Business recently covered the Conservative Political Action Coalition’s letter sent to United CEO Scott Kirby, which calls on the airline to halt plans to impose a vaccination mandate on employees.

The Conservative Political Action Coalition warned United Airlines to abandon its “draconian” COVID-19 vaccine mandate, claiming that the mandate will enable dangerous government overreach.

CPAC addressed the letter, which the organization exclusively provided to Fox News, to United CEO Scott Kirby.

“United Airlines’ ham-handed and broad financial prosecution of its own employees, who have already had COVID or do not want to take the vaccine for religious or personal health decisions like fertility, plays right into the hands of those who would try to nationalize airline companies and move away from a democratic, representative government,” the letter argues.

“As yours is one of the most highly regulated businesses, it appears that fear of more severe regulations from the Biden administration drove you to impose an abusive policy on your employees. In so doing, you rejected the tenets that have helped you grow, merge, and prosper,” the CPAC letter claims.

The Conservative Political Action Coalition organizes the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Read the full article at FoxBusiness.com, or take action by contacting United CEO Scott Kirby — and Delta CEO Ed Bastian — and demand they stop their vaccine mandates immediately!

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