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“For years, Charlie Gerow has been a dynamic and effective conservative leader. Serving as Vice Chairman of the American Conservative Union and CPAC, Charlie has proven himself to be a sharp problem solver, a champion of conservative principles, and a strong leader. He’s earned his title of “The Conservative Happy Warrior.”

Charlie Gerow exemplifies the American dream. Born into poverty in Brazil, he was adopted by loving Americans who brought him here and allowed him to pursue the opportunities he could only find in America. 

Today, it is my honor to endorse CHARLIE GEROW for Governor of Pennsylvania, said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp. Now more than ever, Pennsylvania needs a leader who will restore the proper role of its government, which is to protect our God-given rights instead of cancel them. Charlie has dedicated himself to fighting for constitutional conservative principles across Pennsylvania and in Harrisburg. In battles waged against Left-wing tyranny in the Commonwealth, Charlie has been a primary force in rallying the conservative opposition.

After the disastrous years of Governor Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania needs a new voice in the in the governor’s office. Put simply, Charlie Gerow is the best person to get Pennsylvania back on track and will set the example for conservative governance in the country. 

All of us at ACU are inspired by Charlie and fully support his campaign. We urge all Pennsylvanians to join us in supporting him the upcoming gubernatorial election.”


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